Life was not meant to be lived alone. Gather weekly with people from similar walks of life to build a community and impact it for the better. There are groups for all ages and all stages of life throughout the week.
At KCC, small groups are vital to our church. They provide a sense of connection and security as we all tackle life together. Our small groups draw out the relevance of Biblical principles and apply them to real life.


On the second Monday of the month we gather in the church parking lot to distribute 5,000 pounds of food to hundreds of families in our local community.  There are unlimited ways to serve in this impactful ministry.


This outreach program is designed to help our community complete various jobs around the house and outdoor projects. Shalom Ministries consists of about 25 volunteers who complete 3-4 tasks varying in difficulty and duration each month. If you have a need, we’d love to help.

Here at KCC, we believe that serving leads to both personal and spiritual growth. No matter your gifts and talents, join our church family in putting others first.

To ensure the safety of your children, each volunteer serving in our children’s and youth programs undergo a thorough background check.

Questions? Please email
​or call (616) 455-1510.