Bible Drive for Africa

Total Bibles Collected: 20,700

Steve Zimmerman, director of the South African Christian Mission in Cape Town, South Africa is in critical need of 20,000 Bibles and has asked for help in getting them. You can learn everything you want to know about the mission organization from their website

Christians know how the Bible has the ability to touch hearts and change lives for eternity. The Bible is God’s Word of truth for all mankind. It brings hope, comfort, and teaches salvation in Jesus’ name.

Kentwood Christian Church, located in Grand Rapids, MI has been moved to respond to the need. We have begun collecting and storing modern English translation Bibles (like New International Version, New Living Translation, New Living Bible, Christian Standard Bible etc.) with plans to ship them to Africa in April of 2018. This gives us a 10-month period to collect Bibles from all over Michigan and USA.

We realize that 20,000 Bibles is far beyond our ability to accomplish by ourselves, so we are asking you to prayerfully consider partnering with us to meet this great need. We believe there is no greater cause to rally around than the opportunity to share the Word of God by giving a free Bible to those who desire one.

Bibles can be used or new, paperback, hardback, leather, any size, any color, and Study Bibles are the most desired. We are asking churches, organizations, and Christians to join with us to accomplish this mission. Monetary donations may be made to purchase Bibles by sending a check made out to Kentwood Christian Church and writing “Bible Drive” in the memo. Also, if you prefer, you may purchase Bibles and have them shipped directly to our church location by contacting Rhoda Wilson at Lifeway Christian Stores who is offering a case (24 imitation leather bond Christian Standard Bibles) for $267 including shipping.

Lifeway Christian Stores
4121 Talmadge Rd, Toledo, OH 43623

Ship Bibles to:
Kentwood Christian Church
5841 Kalamazoo Ave, SE
Kentwood, MI 49508
Church Office: 616.455.1510

Will you be a Bible Ambassador? A Bible Ambassador commits to raising 500-1000 Bibles by reaching out to communicate, promote, and get individuals and churches involved in collecting Bibles. Bibles can be used or new, paperback, hardback, leather, any size, or any color, (Study Bibles are the most desired and must be a modern English translation). A Bible Ambassador is responsible for maintaining a record of the number of Bibles they have donated, arranging delivery to Kentwood Christian Church, and communicating with Pastor Patrick Gill of the Kentwood Christian Church on a regular basis. If you are willing to be a ‘Bible Ambassador’ please email or call 616.915.2224 and let him know.

We would like churches who partner with us to make this a passionate mission of their church, to set a time frame for their Bible drive collection, pack the Bibles in boxes, load them in a trailer, and deliver them to Kentwood Christian Church. What a great mission for all age groups within the church who believe the Bible is God’s timeless, eternal, and inspired Word for all people.

If you would like more information or have any questions please contact me. Thank you for your help and love of the Holy Bible.
Pastor Patrick Gill
Kentwood Christian Church

Thank You,

Kentwood Christian Church Eldership